About DEN

Since 2007, the Digital Editors Network has connected media innovators - whether they work inside, outside or alongside mainstream media organisations - with the cutting-edge insights, tools and talent they need to succeed.

DEN is a community, not a conference.

We are a peer learning network powered by our participants and don't require memberships. Besides attending meetings and following this blog, you can connect to the DEN though:
If you'd like to contribute ideas, speak, host or sponsor a future DEN meetup, don't hesitate to contact the convenors: Fran├žois Nel at FPNel @uclan . ac . uk,  Nick Turner  at nick.turner @cumbrian-newspapers. co.uk, and Lucia Adams  at lucia.adams @news.co.uk

DEN is supported by the Journalism Leaders Programme of the pioneering School of Journalism and Media at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, home to the UK's oldest journalism programme.

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